Alright, so yesterday was a banner day in my household! First, the roommate emails me to tell me her (commando huge to pay all her broken-ankle med bills) insurance check will be here by the end of the week. Plus her permanent registration for the new car came in the mail, along with some random rebate check. Plus she gets paid this friday. PLUS Two Towers came out yesterday on DVD.

(Example conversation:
Ginger: Okay, so I’ve got this, this, this and that.
Kate: Woohoo! Go you!
Ginger: You know what we have to get now, right?
Kate: Uh…
Ginger: What day is it today?
Kate: ..*GASP!!* )

So in addition to all this, and a decent dinner out with friends, we get the DVD and got to see the 10 minute RotK behind-the-scenes preview *gasps, clutches her heart and falls over*
Yeah holy amazing batman! I already know I’ll be weeping like a baby through the whole movie!
ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND Mr. cute-yet-shy-Pennsic-guy finally responded to my email! Totally unexpected.
Of course, the “open brain, plop random babbling into the computer” email that I responded with will either amuse him, or actually scare him further away. But hey, I was just being myself, so nyah nyah. *ahem*

Still soaring the crest of happy from yesterday!


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