Late night natterings.

The random things that rattle around in my brain right before I need to go to bed. I can’t promise this will make any damn sense.
It’s time for recognition.
I have posted things, read things, seen elsewhere the discussion attempting to label my generation. Are we Gen X? Gen Y? Millenials? Xennials? Foo-Foo-Froobars from Outer Space?
It’s hard to say. We are the ones who know many of us will never be able to own homes. Or afford schooling. We recognize that binary gender doesn’t apply to everyone. That monogamy doesn’t apply to everyone. That religion doesn’t apply to everyone. That using purity as a benchmark for self-worth and worthiness of love is a construct meant to subjugate half the population, and is not simply offensive it is dangerous.
We recognize that ‘boys will be boys’ is not an excuse that should ever be used, especially to excuse rape, molestation, groping, harassment. We recognize that not all men rape, beat or harass… but many do, and many men that wouldn’t and women still somehow turn a blind eye. We recognize that so very many people… all women, LGBTQ+, POC, people who are not Christian all have to live in constant awareness of the violence beneath the surface.
We recognize that mental illness is not a stigma but a battle. That everyone is fighting this battle either directly or beside someone who is. We recognize that the umbrella term of ‘mental illness’ is cheap and constantly growing to encompass and include so many that were not previously considered valid, treatable, trackable. We recognize that so many times we were (or are) called lazy, stupid, useless we’re fighting our own brains just to keep up with everyone else’s expectations, to say nothing of our own.
We recognize the inherent need for kindness and love in the world, without taking away from the need for awareness, activism and action.
We are warriors, by heart, words or deeds.
We are brave.
We are beautiful.
We are mighty.